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Free TAKScan Standardized Test Management Application

In use in school districts all over the state of Texas, TAKScan is a Standardized Test Management Application.  Originally designed for the TAKS test, the system works with any standardized testing situation that requires management of a large number of students and testing locations.  Education Advanced is proud to offer this application for free.  Simply follow the link to download.  There is also community to join and take part in the educational advancement (ed-vancement) of our children.

Differentiating Instruction

We each perceive, process and communicate information differently. Why then do we teach as if we are all the same? Learn how to speak the language of each of your students.


Driving Classroom Decisions with Data

We know that we need to make better decisions based on better information.  So why is the teacher always the last to know.  Learn what information is important to the classroom teacher and how to use it to create better classrooms.